Listen up now all eyes on me
I need undivided attention
I’m going to memorise, internalise and get down to some deep reflection
Talk about my feelings, emotions, my state
I’ll dictate, orate, project, gesticulate
I’ll revisit my past and predict my future
Use I me mine myself and won’t use you
I’ll describe my look, before and at this time
Air out problems that could only be mine
Unique to me, from my point of view
Nothing more interesting than me to you
I’ll skilfully play the cards I’m dealt
And be offended when it’s not considered how I felt
Myself, myself I make me melt
I love me more than I love myself
I’m my own best company, me alone
I talk to myself in the mirror at home
I’m the first person looking after number one
I’m the protagonist of my story, my song
But also the antagonist I beat myself up
Inwards is the only way I can look
Not selfish or selfless I’m just self centred
When I was born it was my world I entered
I am the creator, the destructor, the god
To be unlike me in any way would be odd
Stick that Rizla on my fod
It’ll be my name written
Mine alone
Because I’m playing this game all on my tod

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