Cocoa Love

Lindt me your ears
Let me wispa sweet nothings
I’ll be your miniature hero
In the morning bake you muffins
Men are from Mars
I’ll take you to the Milky Way
Across the galaxy, come with me and breakaway
I’ll give you a boost
You can be my caramel
A maverick for you, one that doesn’t even sell
Any more, what’s smore, be a drifter at your cote d’or
Holding roses and temptations
I’ll be all your riesens for
Every time you flake or take a break or just a small time out
I’ll land my Hershey Kisses on your fun sized mocha mouth
I’ll run my Cadbury’s fingers through your Curly Wurly hair
Put a bounty on your head show you how much I eclair
Wander down my rocky road I truly think you should
Jump on my double decker let me take you to a club
I’m a cub you’re a brownie we’ll go stomping through the gü
Or take you for a picnic I’ve got cream, eggs and fondue
Or for you fondant fancies but not lemon or pink
I’ll kinder surprise you after eight, and it’s going to be mint!
So cocoa pop your snickers off
I’ll show you my best twix
And revel in this moment let me be your chocolate fix


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