Post surgery soon stitched up and stuck in recovery
Silver back hairs shaved and swept up seems rubbery
First day seems lovely
Starting to itch second day the stitches start to trouble me
So many plants, flowers and leaves I start a shrubbery
A shrubbery?! Knights say “Ni” Hallucinating off morpheme
Still slumber, a lucid dream
Nurse brings ice cream, strawberries and pulse machines
Day 3 seems I’m sucking my soup and beans through straws
Staring at the nurse again just 24
Dirty old man
Stand down
She’d be appalled if she knew
Suffocate you in your sleep till you’re blue
Schizophrenic sitting in the second bed glaring too
Swearing through gritted grill crushed pill
Salivating causing foam
Sister sympathetically say something sort me out
Don’t leave me alone with this man
So sorry sir to break you this news
But there’s no one else but me and you
Present in this room
Before I look I know it’s true but glance anyway
My schizophrenic mate was just a figment of my brain
A fragment of my strain a cypher standing in for pain
Such a shame since he’s back in my peripheral like a stain
Still foaming I can even hear him moaning
Such a shame
Such a shame
27 more days
Suppose a month such a small price to pay
Hallucinations, irritations, itchiness and palpitations for a short term
Keeping me long term
For a while anyway

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