Trouble and strife
I’m scarred for life
Since 1999
Getting trails off a knife
Not quite a rainbow
But a glow stick light
In the middle of the night
This sight’s not right

Acid was rare at the turn of the millennium
Waiting month after season till some would come
So when it would I felt good and bought out the stock
Sunflowers, Hoffmans, Ganeshes the lot
On occasion a drop stored on a sugar cube
Other times straight on the tongue didn’t want to be rude
Wouldn’t want to have to wait
For a more convenient date
Went to work, went to college with pixies in my way
Or pixels anyway or glitter in the clouds
Ingested as much as my money would’ve allowed
And I was proud, no regrets, this place is the best
Never seen such beauty, never worked my chest
So much through laughing my tits to the bank
Until the shift was over and the happiness sank
In a mess, in a state mashing up love and hate
Mars milk and marijuana to get through the day

It’s my birthday, what we going to do?
Every New Year’s Eve every Glasto too
Any squat any rave stash never got saved
Apart from in my brain where it lives to this day
Been 8 years I reckon since my last indulgence
But involuntarily it gets a resurgence
Sometimes strong and surrounded by ogres
Trails too long Neo hounded by Morpheus
Superimposed sitting in Cerebro
Shades more fluorescent and brighter than what I used to know
As a young man wished to trip all the time
Never come down and now this wish is mine
But it’s an uphill struggle, a mental hike
I long to remember what the world is really like
Shake off the veneers, the glows, the auras
A chore, a monkey paw that the devil has sold us
El diablo refund my soul
I’ve learnt my lesson now let me go
An animated Pixar world may seem fun
But not when it’s the only thing you know


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