IMG_4285Have you heard that album by that new band from that thing?
Something so original about the way the dude sings
You can really tell the influence comes from unrelated sources
The beats are fresh and the unconventional choruses
I love the direction on every song
The slow, the heavy, the catchy one
The one that’s got the gimmick and the one that’s really deep
Since it came out it’s been forever on repeat
A labour of love, of heart and soul
There’s no way these guys will ever get old

Hey have you heard Thingymajig got a second album out?
Bound to shift a couple million units no doubt
You may’ve heard that one tune from that movie, advert, show
Yeah it’s pretty good, got a slightly different flow
I mean I don’t like it quite as much as the debut
There’s a couple of stand out tracks and I skip quite a few
But the talent’s still there, they’re still a good band
No I couldn’t get a ticket due to high demand
Plus arena gigs are pretty soulless
Think I’d rather not
And I already saw them in a box when they were hot

Yeah I used to be kind of into them at first
But that tune doing the rounds at the moment is the worst
Middle of the road just pandering to the masses
Classless, crass and acting as asses
Cashing in double with pop stars and rappers
Can’t really see how they could get any crapper
Splashed up every day on the gossip pages
Him and his bird been on the rocks for ages
Should imagine them and the band will break up soon
Still crank those first tunes though every once in a blue moon

Best of by those guys, what do you reckon?
Mostly the debut and a few off the second?
It’s been a fair few years they must have the time
Crisis mode eh when the balance is in decline?
They still do festivals, bottom of the list
Suppose a few heads still want the greatest hits.
Remember when they headlined though?
That was the tits!
I’m going anyway but probably give them a miss.

Mate you know that band that we used to love
But didn’t even bother watching cos of all the later crud?
Well they’ve got back together to do a special tour
They’re only going to play the first album nothing more
Yeah I know it’s a cash grab but that shit was classic
And to hear it in a space not much bigger than my attic
Shall I get you a ticket?
Count you in?
60 quid I know but not going would be grim

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