Cast your gaze light years away
To the future or the past
As fast as you may
Make haste or delay
Apparition has fade
The mast has been swayed
The plaster’s decayed
Decades last a minute
We’re laughing at millennia
Sound waves infinite
Blast limit perennials
Chastise any cynics
Bastardise the limits
Back in it to win it
Drastic transmission intercepted accepted
Birdsong twitter and flitter through the air
No atmosphere or fear or prayer or care
And what’s there?
Extinct or yet to be created?
Carbon, gaseous, mobile, animated?
Elated, erratic, rigid, elastic?
This way or that the answer’s fantastic
Answer unknown till our grandkids have grandkids
Past interstellar this is intergalactic
Reinteractive reiterated
Baked up and caked up a wake unwasted

The stars look very different today
Mars all of a sudden is just down the way
The man in the moon is up in your face
In your personal space
Moon get off my case

Place my soul on Nostromo uncursed
Sick star trekking across the universe
Stricken with anything, betting my worst
Purse strings are itching rehearse and reverse

We’re gone.


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