Get that shit out of my face
And off my lips and off my plate
And out of every single product that the company’s make
Tortilla wraps and pasta bakes?
Mayonnaise and take aways
One day I’ll know the price to pay
And it pains me to say but
This sugar’s killing me, blinding me
Making me less attractive
Forcing me into pants with waists made of reinforced elastic
It’s pure crap
Pure fat
Kit Kat flavoured flap jacks
Repelling that’s a huge task
Mars drink in a hip flask
Now sugar free made me spat
Aspartame attracts twats
And fat free just means more sweet
Which will eventually just be
Way fatter than the fat would be
Sugar should occur naturally
From carbohydrates, veg and cheese
Then fondant fancies, Twix ice cream could be an acceptable guilt free treat
Not from when I wake to sleep
For breakfast, elevenses, lunch and tea
The white stuff intravenously flows free
Need rocky road Krispy Kreme
Quit smoking, drinking, bunning weed
But still will power failing me
My last addiction lives and breathes
Along with every other I see
They don’t sneak alcohol into bacon
Accidental ciggie on awaken
Even caffeine easy to miss
But sugar slips into every dish
I quit for 5 weeks early last year
My flab reduced my head was clear
I got creative in the kitchen
But the whole thing was a mammoth mission
Have a check of everything you pick up in the shop
The frequency of this ingredient should come as a shock
In pizzas, breads and even crisps
Soy sauce? What’s the reason for this?
So I continue sluggish, chubby, sweaty albeit merry
As long as I’m addicted I can still eat cookie dough Ben and Jerry


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