I saw Jimi last night on a festival stage
And gazed amazedly at how gracefully he’d aged
I mean he looked the same as he did on Purple Haze
Made wiser and kinder by his mane of greys

So good to see you mate where have you been?
I know you’re self critical about the way you sing
But in my ears first hand you sound like a dream
This must be a dream
This must be a dream
This must be a dream?

Of course this is a dream
That’s where you’ve been
In the great gig in the sky with John and Jim
This would have been the best gig of my life
But it’s a lie
A fabrication of my wild imagination
But i can still see you
And Little Wing sounds so true
And your expression gives the impression
That to do these tunes is the greatest review of who you are and who you were
And you make that Fender purr
Then scream then thrash then wail
And this power that you exhale to me will be gone when I open my eyes
No matter how hard I try to memorise
It seems

I never remember my dreams


Morning already
Jump in the shower
Must have hit snooze
Got less than an hour
Hear the kids stirring
Way too early guys
For me too
Can hardly open my eyes
Get back in bed guys wait for Mummy
Headphones in
Music app
Stopped before I even tapped
Last tune played
Stone Free
Now it’s coming back to me
Not just a glimpse
So vividly
A gig almost as big as he



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