Pique Du Jour


A one night stand every day may seem exhausting
But it keeps me young, keeps life exciting
Keeps this ageing elephant relevant
And I never forget, reflect and never regret

I prowl around temporal clubs at night
Wondering which one can I set in my sights?
Not so shallow not looking for any old thing
Need something peculiar to make my heart and soul sing
The hot ones run out of steam so fast
The seemingly mundane can stretch out and gasp
Really anything that’ll thrill and arouse my brain
But mostly something fun that’s guaranteed to entertain
Sometimes so apparent
Other times I need to strain
But once I’ve latched it’s plain
I catch, snatch, hatch a little plan
Waft the flames with a miniaturised fan
Whisper sweet nothings
Which get erased and replaced with something
Something a bit … cooler
Something designed to fool ya
But if you truly are the perfect tool you fool me
Make me feel stupid you school me
But not for long
This is my song
My sound, my self improved playground
I’ll wear you down and tame your frown
Cos today you’re the most desirable around
I’ve found you
How can I use you?
In ways you’re not used to?
Don’t want to confuse you or abuse you
Just a loose obsession then lose you
An improvement on yesterday’s news
You will be the front page scoop
On everyone’s lips, Twitters and Youtubes
For a minute
Need to think about how I can spin it
Let me buy you a drink and maybe dinner
Interview, audition, interrogate
Stay with you all day until we click
Until we hit
And then I can’t quit
I’m in it and I can’t get out
I make you laugh, scream, sing and shout
And sometimes cry but that’s okay
Now only a couple of things to change and then good
Now I’m in love
Now you are perfect to me
I wish you would show me something else but I’m done
I’m done
You are perfect to me
If you love something then set it free
I give you a name, irrelevant and innate
And cast you out into the unforgiving mainframe
A judgemental world
Where you will be chewed up and hurled
And I will be satisfied for the shortest of time
Until I go out on the pull once again in my mind

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