Light up the runway cos I’m coming to land
Plus my rotors are jammed and the engines are fuming
Chuck me a parachute in case i don’t make it
Nose dive in the lake bit
Can’t swim I’m assuming
Blooming hell
Not even a black box to tell
If we burnt out the shell
Fell short of the clearing
Nose poking up
Tail scraping the ground
A scratchy grinding sound
No regulations adhering
She thought it was endearing I could fly this plane
Destination the same
Auto pilot did everything
But now we’re embarking on our final descent
Must be appearing hell bent
But not a terrorist or anything
Just wanted to take inspiration from Bill
Not violent or ill
Just needed punctuality
A hijack in fact for the ETA
Would be the only way
Always late in actuality
No casualties in front
But crew and passengers are burnt
No lesson been learnt
But I can see her waving
Tomorrow she’s going to be taken away
And if this flight was delayed
I may have never seen her face again

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