Bare Bones

IMG_4050Perspiring in a jail holding skeleton keys
Admiring this hell cold skeleton trees
Eleven or twelve of these skeleton leaves
On skeleton knees hear my skeleton pleas
My closet is begging for skeleton thieves
Beef Wellington needs
Duke Ellington cheese
These bones are being rattled by belly unease
This marrow forever swelling this well is diseased
Bags of decaying bones are yelling at me
This bone is deflated
This bell is unteased
This mail has been fleeced
This whale is deceased
So go tell a priest
My soul breaks into pieces not coming from Reese
Skulls, ribs and spines decorating the ceiling
Inside the tomb catacombs deterring
Jaws on the floor your speeches are slurring
The hip bone’s connected
The shin bone’s connected
The tail bone’s connected to the
Finger bones ring of rose fall down dead
A tissue anorexia a skeleton fed
A skeleton fad land lubbers be glad
I’ve got a bone to pick and it’s driving me mad
I’m chilled to the
Worked to the
Soaked to the
Close to the

Skeletons of fun have broken down
Skeletons of feathers have turned to down
Skeletons are smiling when we frown
Identical skeleton regardless of pound


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