IMG_4045Prick up your ears I’ve got some shit to say
I’ve been running through these verses every minute of every day
Been bumbling stumbling over the tricky parts
The sticky parts, the slightly badly writty parts
Badly writty parts?
That’s just crap
Just crap
Trying to turn this into an act
If I stutter on stage everyone will just laugh
Or they’ll be embarrassed and I’ll look daft
And I’ll never show my boat in this town again
I’ll never boat this cluck in this race fuck hen
Back to the start r r r rewind
Need to calm my nerves and the words I’ll find
Prick up your ears I’ve got some shot to say
Bloody auto correct is broken in my brain
Don’t even have my phone to lay on the blame
Restart the clock, back to zero
Prick up your ears I’ve got some shit to say
Been running through these verses every minute of every day
I forgot the I’ve should I just carry on?
No one knows this word for word not even this moron
Am i going too slow?
Should I pick another piece?
The one with just a couple verses
Would be easier to release
Would only take about a minute
Or is that too short?
No the thing is tomorrow
Too late to retort
I’ve got prick and shit right there in the first line
Does it alienate straight away in such a short time?
Is it arrogant?
Nothing in a curse word worth admiring
But it’s prick like prick
Not prick like prick
Probably shouldn’t linger too long
This beats got to kick
This piece is going to be sick
Going to lay it on thick
Going to bitch up this motherfucker
Kick it in the dick
Gone a bit rap
This is student poetry
Not gangster crap
This is verse and prose
Not AK’s and hoes
Even obvious rhyming
Seen to be a bit low
But that’s all I know


Sick up your tears I’m not some tit to play
Edgy, been rehearsing this every minute
Trying my best to fornicate with construction
Wearing my best beret cause I’m a bloody poet who doesn’t ryhme

One verse
Said nice and slowly
Matt the champion of the world
The one and only!

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