What’s My Name? What’s My Name?

Blue Nametag

My name’s Matthew Whibley
Aka Matt Whibley
Aka just Matt
Aka just Whibley
But not “Just Whibley”
That’d be silly
To a few I’m Matty
To twats I’m Fatty
Or Fat Matt
Big Matt
Happy Matt
Matt Cat
Matt in the hat
Matt out of the hat
Once Dolph Lundgren
Another time Bungle
One time my dad insinuated Mr Tumble
On Facebook Galactico to be incognito
Nytheone Matt when I put on a show
Formerly YouPeople or 21 Grams of Fish
Or Slug Pellet bassist never had a hit
To one was Baby
Subsequently Prick
Currently Honey
Once a month Dick
Or Blue
Or Mate
Or Buddy
I know I’m overweight
Don’t call me Chubby
Call me Hubby
Call me Daddy
But only if you’re my kids
Otherwise It’d be weird

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