The God Forbids


Kids are oblivious
Kids are proud
Kids are easily lost in crowds
Kids are loud
Kids can jump
When no one’s looking kids launch a thump
Kids take a bump
Kids are resilient
Chance of obedience is one in a million
Kids are militant
When it comes to milk
Or Peppa Pig or shows of that ilk
Kids kill
Kids push the button
The big red one, can’t tell kids nuthin
Kids put in effort to be more lazy
I know you know they’re crazy
But kids are crazy!
Kids are hazy but still fight sleep
Once a week kids say something deep
Kids are mentally weak
But physically strong
Or is it physically weak
And mentally strong?
Kids are wrong
On a whole range of subjects
Getting the last word is a kids main object
Kids reject any salad
And good quality meat
Kids have unconditional love for anything sweet
Kids are sweet
Kids are funny
Kids are cute
Kids change your life for right or wrong
But don’t have more than two

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