Status Update


This is your morning briefing
This is my daily bread
This is the beast who goes to sleep if not regularly fed
This is my fake cat clap trap snap chat
Status update chewed fat
Call to prayer, call to arms
Multi flavoured flap jack
This is my open letter to an echo off the wall
To a ghost in the hall, 5 feet off the floor
My applause, brawl, tumble and fall
All features late and small
This is my greatest failure, my worst success
A method to lift accumulations off my chest
This is my spring board, my gourd, my umbilical chord
This is another empty cereal box adding to the hoard
This is my Tinder, my Grindr my Friends Reunited finder
My year of sobriety, my all night blinder
My telegram, my Instagram, my stripper gram, my seven gram
My two in the bush, one in hand
First round, grand slam
Five year plan fake tan
Double dose diazepam
Tosh at no cost
A snapshot of cognition
One day late premonition
This is everything and nothing
My bird at gunpoint to sing
This is my PSA my raven
The storm I hasten to braven
My public made private haven
This is the proof that I’m still breathing
The signal I’m not dead
This is your morning briefing
This is my daily bread

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