Did it honestly move your heart to watch Martin Luther King?
Get on stage and do his thing?
“I have a dream!” Did it seriously give you goosebumps?
But he never looked at his paper, not even once

JFK once made a famous gaff
Cocked up his German made everybody laugh
John, a word of advice we’d have never took the piss
If you’d just paid attention to your prewritten script

Bill Pullman as Clinton in Independence Day
The pilots they linger on every word he does say
Suspend your belief, don’t be moved by what he said
We really supposed to buy that shit was from the top of his head?

Think of how much more power Hitler could’ve had
Didn’t bother with cue cards and that makes me glad
If he’d just looked down and fixated on his notes
The last 70 years would’ve had to be rewrote

I remember this lecturer I had one time
Eyes locked on his laptop and never went off line
So inspirational but my peers didn’t agree
He lost his job and I got a shit degree

And it confuses me when we think of great orators
As the ones that try their best to engage, god i hate fakers
Nothing calms me more or gives me rousing encouragement
Than empty words being dictated by a cunt

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