Lemon Juice?


Cat yawn fall repeat
Awake sleep awake sleep
Two steps forward two steps back
Tumble crack smash detract
Clouds sprint past the window
Waiting for the end of the show
Another one but how to know
Split second blip look…now
Works for continuous
Less chance of confusing us
Sawing, banging, raining, gush
Of tears, of blood, of pearl of puss
Eternal till swipe down or up
When stress forces through sharp mistrust

Look back at all those hamsters dancing
Hentai squid deep romancing
Teenage glaring, blinking, glancing
Never ending always trancing
Thankful for the dotted circle
Offers choice to dive in the whirlpool
Trump ignoring Chancellor Merkel
A boombox strapped on top a turtle
Cats cats everywhere
Playing piano climbing stairs
Playing piano climbing stairs
Deja vu, neon prayers
First goal score nil
Puddle splash water still
Open cash closed till
Down the hatch, presented pill

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