‘Making love’ is just so cheesy
I want to bang and bone
Romance is sleazy
I’m a sex bomb and that makes me cool
Fucking is passion, love’s out of fashion
‘You’re just so beautiful, you’re everything I need’
Don’t make me vom this is 2017

Peace and harmony? How pathetically lame
Give me guns and edge, steel and chains
I want cars and money and don’t care how it’s acquired
Cos caring is for pricks, empathy’s for cowards
You’ve cocked up your life, well more for me
War is trade and I’m far from the Middle East

Protect the environment, save the trees?
How about you take that placard and shove it right up your arse
I rev an SUV and I bloody love it
If my summer’s are warmer I’m better off for it
Stop your moaning this is the modern world
Stop stifling progress the economy is churning
I’m rushing so much my jaw is gurning
From HD TVs and protein whey hey!
Save the bees? Honey is gay!

Making love? I’m making hate
My balance doubles every day
I’ve had my fun and that’s all that matters
All you pussies get in my way

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