Like a drunk mate in the club looking for dancers
Every single human is searching for answers
Why are we here? Is there a point or reason?
The Walking Dead, on it’s seventh season?

Treason exists only in the minds of others
Are we demons and angels or killers and lovers?
Let’s get metaphysical…..physical
The product of grey matter or is it spiritual?

Ritual sitting on a pew in a Catholic church
Your head in a font, your lame body in a hearse
Is it a curse or a miracle or neither of?
Or 7 billion dogs and there’s a Pavlov?

Did Xenu put us on this Earth to be read?
A couple hundred thousand to hear what he said
Or when we die we come back in the next life?
Eternal cycle I’d come back as a dragonfly

Every time a different colour now I’m sapphire
And I’m reborn the next day or the next hour
Well I’d prefer it to infinity amongst the clouds
Smoking bongs with Jimi Hendrix if his dream allowed

But a dream is just a dream if not exactly as it seems then what’s the point?
Stay on Earth with DMT lacing your joint

I don’t believe there’s a god, can’t conceive of a heaven
Nor an alien lord or on board with reincarnation

I believe that cavemen held the burden of insight
And every day praised the sun with its heat and its bright light
And every night would go away and leave them cold
In the darkness with the dangers that a harsh nature holds

And behold! In the morning our saviour is back
Giving warmth from bitterness offering light from black
Sending wild beasts running and growing our crops
This sun is our father this ball is our boss

And cross this thinking and you will suffer
We have our answer now don’t offer us another
So get down on your knees, chant and bow
If we don’t then tomorrow he may not come back around

We’ll build you a temple, a place of worship
And follow the word of those who insist
That god spoke to them and told us what to do
He sounds so sure, how can it not be true?

The world so small we need to realise
What stretches out beyond our eyes
It’s comforting to think that we have a keeper
And when we’re gone he’ll take us deeper

Science and reason confuses this idea
Your charts and experiments are not so clear
I’ll stick with this one simple plan
And deny your findings as much as I can
And damn your arrogant toff persistence
I won’t adhere to such a bleak existence

But why so bleak? This world is beautiful
From the vast universe down to fingernails and cuticles
From the stars to the cars, from the planets to the berry
Each step and breath you take is legendary

We don’t need an afterlife, don’t need to pretend
A story becomes rubbish when there isn’t an end
Even Game of Thrones starting to feel like a soap
But they’ve announced the finale and it’s given me hope

Plus do you really want someone watching over you?
Every half arsed masturbation every difficult poo
Every screw up you make have someone else to blame?
“Well the lord works in mysterious ways”

No, you do and I do and so does she
She’s a creation of herself and that’s amazing to me
That tree has flourished through circumstance and time
And every single word or choice I make comes from my mind

And it’s mine all mine. I’m a god and so are you
I said it once before and I’ll say it again because it’s true
I know you’ve got the questions but only you can have the answers
Your drunk mate in the club always finds her dancers

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