IMG_3599All Chinese people look the same
Like specs of dust or drops of rain
You tell the difference? Cos fucked if i can
Be it Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan
Dark skin, light skin, fat or thin
Identical whether Fang, Wang or Chin
And I’ve committed myself for life
Ordered Kung Pao Chicken, I swear it was my wife
Staring at a bird in the street “I caught ya!”
“Not what you think Lao Po I thought that was our daughter”
Saw Xi Jing Ping last night on the telly
Spitting Image of Mr. Miyaki

Why do ponces go on about red wine aplomb?
To me it doesn’t matter which country it’s from
Vinegar and grape juice leaving purple on your lips
When picking the perfect bottle here’s my number one tip
If it’s less than 4 quid it’s probably shite
But anything above would be alright
Go above 6 and you’re wasting your money
It all comes from some foreign place what is sunny

If you’ve seen one superhero flick you’ve seen ’em all
Punchy punchy capey masky from what i recall
Was it the Watchmen or Fantastic 4?
Where he’s got the bus swinging, stopping it fall?
Wearing lycra a requisite for crime fighting?
6 villains in this sequel I’m writing
Joel Schumacher or Christopher Nolan
Both got nips and abs look swollen

A book’s a book, don’t read myself
All got pages and sit on a shelf
Think yourself big cos there ain’t no pictures
Infinite monkeys tapping infinite mixtures
Consider yourself an elitist type
Stroking your chin perusing what others write
Read Lord of the Flies for GCSE’s
Well, I glanced at the teacher notes and passed with ease

Every snowflake is completely identical
To think otherwise is absolutely mental
They melt as soon as they fall in you hand.
They’re rubbish! Don’t understand

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