Daily Mail Crossword



1 An ethnicity we tried to eradicate but failed (4)
3 A group who won’t keep quiet after democracy has prevailed (10)
7 The only reason Tuesday gives a pleb a will to live (4)
8 The cream of society who every Sunday gives (10)
10 What we’re doing to generalise, begins with stereo (6)
11 PC company who began with our favourite form of control (3)
13 Lady fingers coming from some god- forsaken land (4)
14 Twice the opposition appointed that Britain hating man (5)
15 The greatest way to moniker a lovely bit of fluff (4)
17 About nothing the bard did say of which there is much (3)
19 A touch of hate, a cup of race, a dash of hyperbole (6)
22 The kind of fears we’re trying to push to maximise our fee (10)
23 What we’re called every day but when redacted it’s too late (4)
24 Disabled, immigrants, poor and needy, the ones we really hate (10)
25 Mate here is the party that we appeal the most, the push this country needs to drift further from the coast (4)


1 An enemy of the people who just gets in the way (5)
2 An adverb to describe the exaggerations that we say (6)
4 A type of dance we can remember from when this land was light (6)
5 A Europe without anyone who isn’t rich, straight, bitter and white (7)
6 Speaking of that colour here’s a compound noun of greatness (9)
8 Form of benefit bank food, we imagine beans of bakedness (6)
9 This would be our typical reader if we were popular in Tennessee (4)
12 European neighbours, you know what we mean (9)
13 Getting through to parliament needs to be made clear (6)
15 A refugee who sneaks onto trucks, sounds like the next frontier (7)
16 A protest seemly peaceful but we’ll say they’re destroying the streets (4)
18 What Labour have been twittering since Lefty got the seat (6)
20 Get this reaction every time our revenue will be blessed (6)
21 Here is our final plan for our failing NHS (5)


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