Fire Fire

London Bridge is burning down and Mayhem’s got the matches
Classic mistake she meant the Tower, this dragon’s aim re-latches
Can’t take it down all by herself and several eggs she hatches
Baby sparks ignite in mouths until the fire catches

Smoke already on Vauxhall, well she needed somewhere to practise
Would have been easier back in the day when everything was thatch-ed
Garden project was just a pipe dream and now I hear retracted
Waterloo is coming soon, a battle to be reenacted

Baby burners need more action and turn their scales to tunnels
Greenwich walkway small fish to fry they barbecue the chunnel
P&O and Stennalink now boast a roasted
Stanstead suffers death from above as the scale birds turn up the heat

And bleak the future ought to be as mother takes down each station
Red engines never even reach the scene
As she bathes in the flames of isolation



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