Courtney and The Printworks


Courtney was two years older a wet nightmare
Flawless teenage body, peroxide blonde hair
Half Spanish half Welsh carried a hot frown
Swore to god she was the logo girl for Crazy Town

Come my baby come come my baby
You’re no butterfly but a moth and trying to eat me
Why do all the nice girls go for dicks? It beats me
But I’m the nice one and you’re a bitch and I finally see

Your personality took a back seat through how I perceived you
Arrogant, addicted and twisted so then I need you
And somehow one night I made you mine
After 3 Where’s Wallys and multiple lines

Rock World opened it blinds and the light hurt
Told you it’d be fine we’d camp out in the Printworks
A brand new complex with cover, I got weed
And now I’ve got you and that’s all that I need

But you didn’t need me after the bag ran dry
Messed with my mind sure but I promise I never cried
I’d known right from the start you were way out of my league
And I’d already seen you make other boys bleed

New night, new tabs, new friends, new house
Kitten in the bathroom my sore thumbs the mouse
Watching the walls drip with the radio on
Obsessing over Courtney and I hear a new song

“I never meant to cause you trouble”
But you fucked with me and I gave you double
Texted her and it freaked her out
And bought that tune as soon as it came out

Skip forward again and sitting in a squat
Not sure of how much K but know it was a lot
Whilst stuck in a hole sunflowers on my tongue
Woke up in Wonderland and all my friends came along

Brother’s leather jacket is covered in paint
“Turps mate, turps” is all Danny could say
Danny himself looking a bit like Yoshi
Rob’s Toad, Kate’s Koopa and Rachel’s Princess Peach

Campbell looks like Campbell his regular handful
Convinced an old lady pissed herself outside M&S
I gaze upon the Printworks for one morning I felt thankful
Can we please go inside to untangle my mind mess?

Come on everyone, they’re right behind me I’m sure
I retrace mine and Courtney’s footprints on the floor
I see an outline of us cuddled up in the door
Of Norwegian Blue a rich bar for the poor

A commercial screen once dead comes to life
Turn around twice and it’s then I realise
My friends are not there, standing still all alone
Chris Martin’s voice begins to moan

“Oh no, I see,
a spider web is tangled up in me”
Now I don’t believe in fate or destiny
But difficult for me not to think she’s calling me

I stand and sway from the beginning to the end
Then turn around in search of my friends
All ten of them in a line looking alert
“Shit Matt!
You just got eaten by the Printworks!”


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