Yeah But We Had A Vote

Inflation will rise ,the pound will drop
Universities decline Erasmus stopped
Manufacturers take their jobs elsewhere
Tax dodging the only incentive to care

No more cheap fares with Ryanair
Getting through border control a nightmare
No more skilled labour picking our fruit
Doctors and nurses given the boot

UKIP beaming from ear to ear
The future of millions still not clear
Leaver areas having funding slashed
After being promised there’d be more cash

Lash out at Polish or Muslim or whatever
Racism legitimised, discouraged being clever
Scotland and Ireland held at ransom
Tim Martin rubbing his hands like Ted Danson

Champions made out of the Mail and Express
Continuing to manipulate those who have less
Well now even less and made a fool to admit it
Citizens of Northern Ireland starting to shit it

The only control taken back goes to the Tories
Immigration still on track to never quell a xeno’s worries
NHS to be restored? It’s failing more each day
Expat Brits abroad not being told they can stay.

A laughing stock around the world and no one sheds a tear
The gun’s in position, target the foot and the aim is clear
We’re bending over twerking giving Donald Trump our rear
Everything above is true.
But here is project fear

The seas will boil, the sky will burn
The cheese will spoil, the milk will turn
Dogs and cats become best friends
Acid rain will never end

Dinosaurs come back to rule
Oven pizzas never cool
Swarms of locust every week come
And burning cattle prods up the bum

A paper cut on every finger when you cut limes
Miss the train by one minute each and every time
A bruise on every apple, a hole in every boat
And all because one day one year we had a stupid vote

Germany Carnival

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