Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe
Sometimes all I want is Rick and Morty and weed
Sometimes I regret the advice I did not heed
Sometimes I dream about making Nigel Farage bleed

Always polite despite my mood
Always offended when someone else is rude
Always having thoughts that you’d consider lewd
Always am I planning my next course of food

Never have I changed my mind to impress others
Never have I wanted to be one of my brothers
Never have I not waited too long to change the covers
Never do I wish to exchange my lover

Seldom do I think about my plan
Seldom have I felt to prove that I’m a man
Rarely do I drink beer straight from the can
Rarely have I ever had a perfect tan

Usually get burnt
At least once a month
Will I have ever learnt?
Always I will have yearned

Snap into my urgency
Laugh into my decency
Map into my family tree
Tap into my frequency

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