Each step a timpani
Mallet? The girl’s head
Rapido staccato theme
Thank gods not dead

Pray not even hurt
Let out a word
Or give out a laugh
To relax the stress

Bless this heart
To listen to a cry
From injury or shock?
Vital to find out why

Tried to catch your arm
You slipped out of my grasp
No dancing on the top step
Unreasonable to ask?

And footloose is it me or you?
Split second to process cue
What is a pop to do?
Restricted by our limits askew

Superhero in your mind
But sequel Peter Parker
And red kryptonite
Has infected your father
I try to deny
But your panicked face grows darker
As you slip away from the block of your starter

Not the first time seen a child of mine tumble
Steeper case before seen a boy do a cartwheel
Just as resilient broken bones or thumbnail
Brushed himself off without scream or a grumble

Wake up wake up don’t take this job for granted
Fortune two times to see your world landed
These are the moments we need to reset
To remind us you’re as precious as the day we first met

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