Not quite got what London’s got
Way more than Sandbach or Didcot
Café Nero , Spar and Top Shop

Hipster vibes and scally spirit
Tourists don’t get what goes in it
Blocks and road works, never looks finished
Stations refurbished, gardens diminished

Nothing to do? That problem lies with you
Koffee Pot brekkie complete with a brew
Play after play any day a gig too
“Ee arr star what school you go to?”

Spray weed and cut smash
New buildings all glass
Saturday night no class
Brash twats aim to clash

Cash in the city but none on the streets
Nestlé promotion handing our treats
Bouncers polite now but used to give beats
If money’s no object, unlimited eats

But food is a problem for outsider’s pain
Can’t stand fish and chips standing out in the rain
“Your city is shit” taking time to complain
But spend none to invest in all it contains

A day trip may leave you a little dismayed
But endless treasures to discover if you stay
Each day something new be it sport or music
Red or Blue you’re obliged to choose it

‘Cunians warm and polite and forgiving
Galleries, musees, historical buildings
All for free, call it dinner or tea
Meet me in town and see what we see

Afflecks Palace, Northern Quarter
Salford keys and stroll by the water
Castlefield Bowl, Printworks ate my soul
Manchester my playground, occasional home.

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