I’m a writer not a fighter
A husband not a player
A dawner not a nighter
A shouter not a sayer

I say what’s on my mind
But not rude enough to bite my tongue
Money blind
But might end up living life a bum
Confined one time two times
Can’t do my sums
Love limes but given up for now on gin and rum

Come on, i want to take you to my local church
Hold on, let’s take a break n’ have an ice cream first
Jog on, if my bubble you wish to burst
Never mind, weathered mind this kind’s been cursed

I’m a god , so are you, I’m an atheist true
I love beers, I like wine, hate being pissed too
I say cheers, hold your jeers I turn around, “Boo!”
Coming clear, brown noses never have a clue

Great delegator never want to be the boss
Life too grim all i want to do is doss
Perfect teeth but adverse to the dental floss
Lip gloss? Any goss? Penny lost? Give a toss

Gambled only thrice lost every time
Give a better price your money is mine
Sublime to rhyme it’s my time to shine
5 years past my prime. I need a better line

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