Toe Tip


Don’t wake the kids down the stairs toe tip
Nylon vest to protect my nips
Skin tight gloves, pretend to be fit
Rick Simmons pants, yeah I’ve got all the kit

Feel Black Panther, lookin’ a chancer
Dawn necromancer coming off as a prancer
Shed some pounds, self improved romancer
New wave baby, post modernist dancer

Fluorescent green sneaks reflect no more
Morning skin, every day reborn
Tight as i can lace, nothing to stop for
Select, play and strap, and lock the back door


An hour to burn before nippers arises
Winning the day, come on, there’s prizes
Never got round to ordering that high viz
Body occupied, brain left to it’s devices

Devising a new political system
Visualise in the skies words for a poem
Or is it a song no track too long
A snap shot of bliss, a 60 minute moment

A mobile home to process the night dream
A means to an end to hide last night’s ice cream
Favourite song just finished didn’t even catch the main theme
Already made it to track 17

Showered in darkness, towel off in light
Just where my heart lies, the best part of night
No buds or tabs to reach this height
Do 5k more, you know i just might

Return to my castle, drenched in sun
And sweat and breath, I’m overcome
Can hear my babies screaming in the next room but one
Can’t wait for tomorrow’s 6 o’clock run

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