David Wolfe so damn cool
Middle name Avocado
Caring bout shit and educating fools
With your spirit science bravado

Just gaze upon his curly face
And carefully styled van dyke
I’d follow this man anyplace
As long as walking or on a bike

“If you put fruit into your body
then this will be good for you
Exercise can make you healthy”
Everything you say is so true!

“Country walks and fresh air is good
Drinking water makes you pure”
My children already know this
And my oldest kid is four

“Being nice costs zero pence
We can burn negativity down”
But to get an Avocado certificate
Will cost you 50 pounds

“A loner is a strong wise man
Where the weak will stick to crowds”
There is no way a loner a freak
And a team can be something to be proud?

“What if i told you that vaccinations
Will intentionally give your kids autism?”
I’d say I’d rather an autistic child
Than one dying from my lack of supervision

“But the government has a cure for cancer
They’re just exploiting the illness for profit”
But cancer’s not just one disease
If you’re not aware of that you should stop this

In fact let me just stick to this one point
So a scientist one day found a cure?
How many people are in on this lie?
Every day it must be more and more.

Do the scientists, politicians even lobbyists
Not have loved ones inflicted by the big C?
They wouldn’t want to help when they have the cure
Just to uphold a ridiculous conspiracy?

Is it just America holding this cure because
I know healthcare over there is lucrative?
But pharmacists in countries where healthcare is free
They also want this cure to be secretive?

David at first you sounded so reasonable
But now you sound like a quack
And the fact you charge ridiculous amounts for your bull makes you also a hack

Do you not see how dangerous it really is
Telling people not to take medication
Sometimes a walk amongst the trees
Isn’t going to take away deep depression

Sometimes a shake of beetroot and kale
Is not going to stop the flu
But folks will spend 4 weeks in bed
Just because some twat told them to

But telling parents not
to give their kids a shot
Hang your head in shame carrot man you’re more than just a crack pot
You’ve never studied a day in your life and you say you have all the answers
Preying on kids, the lost and the weak and even those suffering from cancer.

David Avocado Wolfe
I’d love to say you’re just a prat
But your poison is so dangerous
You’re so much worse than that.

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