Little Gabriella

Little Gabriella and her reluctant sisters joined the netball league
Only the most serious and strict could join in line with the group’s prestige

Gabby was proud and showed resource to fulfill the strict criteria
But a couple of sisters didn’t feel up to it and there was a touch of mild hysteria

“Every team that plays it is required to wear tops and skirt”
“Don’t worry girls I’ll have a chat, we’ll just wear shorts and shirts”

“The members’ cost is steep alone, could we not get a reduction?”
“I’ll pull some legs and ruffle some feathers, we’re bound to get a deduction”

“The rules say anyone can come, and watch the games for free”
“They’ve obviously never been to our gym, for home games we’ll charge a fee”

“The regulations state that only certain balls be played”
“They’re not so strict, I’ll turn them around quick once we’ve signed and paid”

The netball league and Little Gabriella get on well, for a while
But, demand after ask got a little too much and cracks could be seen in their smiles

Gabby was asking for the league HQ to be moved to a closer town
And players must do a little jig before each and every round

Players must be shampooed and powdered
Before and after each game
Gabriella started to get quite rude and the league started feeling the strain.

“Your demands I’m afraid cannot be met, we think we’ve swayed enough
We’ll look so weak and our future bleak if we don’t start to get tough.”

“This netball league is like a cult why won’t they do as i say?
5 or more hefty demands turned down and we shall no longer play.

The league says “girls that’s fair enough
You can leave any time you desire”
But for Mary, Lily and Emer, they won’t go back to the choir

Since joining the league they’ve found themselves but are outvoted 4 to 3
The league has said without their team they’d have to wait and see.

Gabriella assured the girls that nothing’s going to change
“We can still invite the league sometimes to play a friendly game”

“The crowds will still come far and wide to marvel at our gym”
“But if we’re not an official team won’t that make our chances slim?”

Gabby meets with the heads of the league, to discuss they’re departure
“LG we’re not sure what this meeting is for, what exactly is it you’re after?”

“Well first we’d still like to wear the logo and play games every week
We still need funding for our team and we need to use your referee”

“Lil GB you don’t understand what leaving really means
You don’t have rights or means to ask, you don’t even have a team.
Your gym will crumble, your sisters will abandon, there’ll be no one left but you
A temperamental silly girl who doesn’t have a clue”


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