Drop Off

img_3039Don’t drop off, you’ll miss your stop
You need to make it to the shops
This is your one and only shot
Don’t fall asleep. How can I not?

Bollocks! This isn’t the stop for me
Why does my phone say half past three?
This whole time I’ve been asleep?
Why has no one woken me?

Why can’t i see which stop I’m at?
Why does the air feel limp and flat?
Don’t feel cold but where’s my hat?
Or bag, or wallet, or keys to the flat?

I’ve got my phone and all alone?
I’ll ring my mum – a flatline tone
Got reception and still in 3G zone
Three seats behind me, a bassy moan

A moan that slowly fills my ears
Grips my thoughts and tugs at my fears
I need to get the hell out of here


I scramble up, the carriage is dead
Pins and needles, blood to the head
A human voice but what is said?
Not curious enough to ask again

I cannot see but my eyes are peeled
I climb the seats yet I cannot feel
A presence hot on my heels
The harshest sentence with no appeal

I pivot round to meet my maker
No man or ghost or space invader
No one at all, I’m going crazy?
Spit my guts, someone trying to faze me?

4 carts away a light starts to flicker
Here should I stay or face my trickers?
Okay, alright I’ll play along
Let’s find out what’s going on

As my feet move along the sticky floor
The engines start, just me on board
Just about can see outside
The trees float slowly past my eyes

Or eyes float faster past the trees
Blue eyes, brown eyes, black and green
A thousand circles all on me
How many more carriages, 2 or 3?

Or 5 or 6, 7 or 8?
The flickering light moves further away
The eyes compounded into one
Rocking so much I cannot run

Phone vibrates, as quick as a gun
Next to my ear “You having fun?
Why have you come? What have you done?
Try again, call for your mum!”

The walls close in and crush my skin
The steel creases up as easy as tin
The moaning, the laughing, the creaking, the din
Slaps my face, my eyes give a blink
I squeeze past and press my thumb
Breathe the air and read a text from my mum

-Are you having fun?
What have you done?
What time do you think you’re going to come?

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