Hip Morning

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Green velvet duvet in a corduroy house
His head lifts off the pillow made from door mouse
Lifts the needle off his miniature alarm clock;
A 20s vinyl shrunk down to a hockey puck

Swings his stems into blue grass slippers
Slaps his back with SCUBA flippers
Brushes his teeth with a vintage toothbrush
The exact same one used by Jennifer Rush

Goldfish bowl for a sink, don’t think
Echo chamber for a shower, low power
Steve Bell Trump for a loo, big poo
Pencil sharpeners on the wall, Krazy Glue

Breakfast is tricky cos he can’t eat gluten, can’t have dairy, meat or fruit
that hasn’t been picked by Portuguese minors
Boils his water in a steel frame lute
Inconvenience is a point so moot

If you share his tastes then he’ll discard them
Share his friends he’ll disregard them
Follow his trend he’ll feather and tar you
Feather and tar you ……..

Feather and tar you?

“That would make for a wonderful coffee table cover”

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