Don’t Delete

“Don’t delete
This one is sweet
It doesn’t matter about your feet
You look complete
A perfect repeat
My heart depletes
If you delete”

“Please get rid my face looks awful
If you show someone I’ll feel remorseful
Please don’t think me over forceful
That grin is lifted from a borstal
Why insist it stays immortal?”

“I have great taste
That is your face
To tap the bin would be a waste
Now there’s a girl for my embrace
Just let me keep it
Just in case”

“In case of what?!
Just let it rot
A myriad of ones where I’m hot
Without a double chin or spot
I’ll do one now; a sexy shot”

“But that’s not you
Can i get this through
You tilt your head and check the view
Your half closed eyes and pout you do
Sexy yes, but that’s not you”

“So it’s always this grim mug you see?
Everyday, so ugly?
I need plastic surgery
To cover up the real me
Why can’t i look like that bitch on TV?”

“I’m just trying to say there’s an idea to lobby
It’s not just you, it’s anybody
In the mirror, skype or selfie
There’s a side you don’t see but you show everybody

“When you’re tired you give off additional quality
When angry i buzz off you glaring at me
When you’re sad your lip gives the cutest quiver
It’s these only these deleted photos deliver

“I adore your face in a range of positions
More than the girl on the television
I love the woman i see now
Not the world’s imposition”

“Please delete
Your argument is sweet
But fuck showing the world my skanky feet”



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