The wolves came into the town one day
And feasted on young and old
Red and white wool littered the streets
And our bleats fell silent and cold

The mayor spoke up “let’s invade the pups
If we’d finished the job before
They’d never have come if we’d slayed their sons
They’d have never dared come to our door”

“But mayor we’re astounded you say what the hounds did
Our rounded black eyes saw it all
We never saw kerry, retriever nor mongrel
If we go down this road we shall fall”

“Can’t believe what you say!” fluffy mayor looks dismayed
“No difference in canine be it fox or coyote
Do you love these beasts? Can’t wait for the next feast?
An enemy if you stand in our way!”

So off marched a train of cotton balls
With guns in their fur and fury on their face
Into the terrier town taking every hound down
Not a single pup left in the place

When the Jack Russells heard they formed a herd
Nothing else they felt they could do
Into wolf based towns they snuck around
Trying to force a political coup

Before you knew it the jackals joined to it
Along with the collies and labs
But the wolves were strong played the others along
Had the backing of loyalists and rads

The rams and the ewes “oh shit we’re screwed”
A second attack to be sure
Curly head mayor said “Don’t even care
You know I can protect you and more!”

“I’m building a wall, at least six feet tall
No canine shall breach this defence
And seven breeds including poodles and collies
Will never be allowed past the fence”

“But the collies are friends, can we not make a mends?
Remember the trials every year!”
“Detractors again?! Your bleating stops when?
Have i not made myself perfectly clear?”

“The wolves aren’t even on your list? Seems like you’re  taking the piss
Can you not see how this is a puzzle?”

Mayor opens his chin,

The toothiest grin,

Too late for a leash or a muzzle!img_2995

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