Poor You


As i look around my life i know
There’s only one place we can go
And that is up, to the peak and more
When life is enriched i think of the poor

How sad to not get the respect of your peers
How sad to inflict fear because of your fears
Don’t cry because the world is clear
About the miniature size of your ageing gears

Does that gold plated lift make you feel like Mutumba?
Wishing you were Timon but you look like Pumba
Does it make you sad that your flawless looking wife
Would never look twice if the dough was out of your life?

Does it feel so shallow to talk about greatness
When all you’ve done was be born and inherited
When you put your tramp stamp on shit it just fails
Without that sunbed your satsuma face would be pale

It makes me so worried about you my friend
When you can’t even get your wasteline to pretend
We all know you can afford trainers and food
Why does it look like you live for taco Tues?

When i look at my kids i see potential and hope
When you look at your son you feel resentment at the dope
Your fault you know, a carbon copy of you
When you gaze at your daughter your teeth start to chew

If you weren’t her father you’d probably be dating
But only cause you’d force her to concede your embracing
A real man listens to his woman and acts
You don’t even care about science and facts

How did it feel bitch?
To have that whole room laughing?
Presidents, senators, celebrities and rich
Bellyaching so hard their guts were chaffing

Did it make you feel small?
Did you rally them all?
The most powerful and wealthy in all of the land
Because of your lack of humour or failure as a man

Im so glad I’m not as poor as you

That kind of poverty i never knew was true

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