Inspired by Nina Donovan and Ashley Judd


“Give him a chance.
It might not be that bad
Old rich and white with no reason to be sad.
These pockets will grow, everything will be fine.
He may even be good, or even sublime.”

This man deserves chance, respect nor time!
He’s the villain of Bow Wow 3: Bark The Line
Not even a joke any more, I’ve stopped laughing
I wouldn’t want to give him the slightest satisfaction

Lincoln? Kennedy? King? Where’s his assassin?
Not even one of his team has it in him?
They can’t smother him or put some death juice in his drink?
A future international hero don’t you think?

Surrounds himself with gold cos everything turns to shit
Be it casinos. University. Relationships
A balloon of a man with small hand syndrome
More than half the country lose their home

Racist, sexist, misogynist you know this
But this man committed the worst offence
Imitating, mocking a man with a condition
He won’t be impeached, we’d be stuck with Pence

We’ve all stuck our tongue inside our front lip
When we’ve burnt the toast or when we feel like a tit
This dick was on stage he knew what he was doing
If my nephew or late sister understood they’d be spewing!

And this cunt went on to the highest seat in the land.
You think the kids of the free world will ever understand?
If I grab ’em by the pussy or mock the disabled
I too could sit at the VIP table.

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