Gazorpazorp Son


When you suppress creation
Be it in the class or in the home
Boredom, aggression and mediocrity
You condone

Do we really need our future youth
Unemployed or in correctional facilities? Spiteful, shallow minded, uncouth
When you kill their creativity

So quick to say this is shit or this is sick
Far more effort to invest some time
Than to dismiss, discard or nit pick

Justin Beiber?
Piece of shit
Kanye West?
Don’t make me sick

I remember one time on mushrooms
Watching Reading 2003
Nickelback came on
Get this rubbish off my TV

But then I started to consider
The effort that went in
These 4 kids started jamming once
To make their soft rock din

Maybe thought nothing of it
Might play a couple of gigs
Their songs were pretty catchy
And Canada made them big

They went on to go global
Internationally they did roam
Appealing to the Middle Ages
Ladies who stayed at home?

Wait? What? Middle age housewives?
What? Can they not have an outlet in their lives?
Variety is the spice of life so put away your knives
The youth of today fill their ears with rubbish
The same as your dad and poppa did
How tedious would this world get if differences we got rid?

So when someone gives that little piece of their heart to the world
Don’t judge them
Don’t ridicule them
Be it man, woman, boy or girl

If you really don’t like it
“It’s not my cup of tea”
And don’t call me a hypocrite because I
Slagged off some bands in 2003

You’re allowed to change your mind
And if you do write it down
Change comes from within
And we can turn this world around.


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