Kingsway Pub Car Park


The carpark behind the Kingsway pub
Is the centre of the world
Where business and shiznit and fracas and crackers are waiting for things to unfurl

Taxis park up head to tail
To exchange baggies through the window
The scally waits for Naz and Dave
Looking on top, left in limbo

Smokers standing by the side
Give passers by the evil eye
You’d never go in for a pint
No guarantee you’d come out alive

The central puddle grows each day
For kids to kick and splash
The only thing for them to play
When there’s an absence of cash

The pub itself is larger than life
I guess once a bustling inn
Travellers, soldiers, lovers and wives
With a plume in the air unthin

Over time it’s withered and whined
Its rooms look mostly unoccupied
A wonder if they’ve cleaned the lines
A blackboard: Come in here to dine?

A swelling crowd has gathered outside
Of drivers from Oman to Cuba
Supercars are taking out crowbars
Losing all their best people to Uber

The boss is pissed
So much money he’s missed
Maybe once he should’ve been nicer
But job security and no cash on board
Was really the biggest enticer

The boss throws a shoe
“My business is through!
I have bills and mouths to feed”
“I’m sorry my friend, I won’t pretend
With them i wont deal with you!”

The carpark outside the Kingsway pub is the centre of the world
Wait for a minute
Immerse yourself innit
Watch all the excitement uncurl

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