Just Too Many


Too many dicks on the Internet
Just too many dicks on the net

So you’ve started a petition
Received over 2 million
It’s only been up for a day
At first you despised
Stood up and organised
Gained hope where there’s a will there’s a way

Some prick pops up
“No one gives a fuck!
Your ticks won’t see the light of day
You think 2 million will make the slightest difference
We’ve got nearly 68

“Now I do think this issue is not too bad
At least you’re not an African slave
Why try to fight?
Just look at my life
The sun’s shining and I’m not in a grave”

Too many dicks on the Internet
Just too many dicks on the net

You’ve got animal passion
And in typical fashion
You try to make the world aware
Cramp conditions and carbon emissions
You try to show your friends why you care

“You veggie scum!
I love to hunt
Forcing your hippie shit how dare!
You’re shouting about livers
I bet you use new fivers
Take your hypocrite shit elsewhere

“I’m a man of God
I love pheasant and cod
You should see the fur and leather I wear
You care more about Bugs than Elmer Fudd
Here’s a pic of me eating a hare”

Too many dicks on the Internet
Just too many dicks on the net

So, you and wife
Can’t have a stable life
For fear you’ll get kicked off the land
Born and bred
And always said
We need to keep making a stand

“You immigrant slobs
Taking benefits and jobs
We don’t want you here. Understand?
I don’t want to hear about integration positivity
I’ve nestled my head in the sand

“If you weren’t born here
Off you clear!
Turn the plane around as soon as it lands
They’ve told me it’s all your fault
Each one of you that they don’t reprimand”

Too many dicks.

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