Big Bird


Blah blah blah blah
Verbal diarrhoea
Put the brakes on your brain
Yabber Yabber too clear
Too fast to steer
Solving all the worlds problems but no one wants to hear
Everybody works the fear


Argument arguments put up the defences
Your rationale will change my choice no second chances
It’s the end of the world as we know it hant you heard?
No way to separate the whey from the curd
But we’ll pluck the veal off straight from the hurd
and We’ll pluck the feathers off the rarest bird
and We’ll fuck the nation of a time absurd
and We’ll fuck education nobody says a word

sunny days
Sweeping the
Clouds away

On my way
To where the air is sweet

Could you tell me how to get
How to to get to…..

Open sesame let me in!
Everyone swapping cocaine for gin
Everybody throwing their lager down drains
“If it ain’t craft beer then it ain’t worth the pain”
Champagne is Prosecco
Instant’s now ground
I’ve been to God and look what I’ve found

A message that’s always been sitting on the shelf

Love one another
Love yourself

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