Dear Harvey

My name’s Matt, and I’m a sex addict, also known as a man. However all the ladies I know seem to be as obsessed with sex as I am. But I’m also addicted to weed, And when I want a bud, I don’t feel the need to make the dealer bleed Even when he’s dry. … More Dear Harvey


Pick out his eyes with a hypnotised raven Left in pieces at the side of the pavement Shout out for help and the crowds ignore him Times have changed, once all adored him Let him know what it’s like to be a victim A taste of his own imposition he’s inflicting A taste of his … More Pavement


Lastly a man can stand tall At that a man can crash and fall A fall that lasts, attacks and sprawls A fall that smacks back, cracks and crawls That man can cast a wand That man can ask what all twats want That man may carry arms and flags All a fad, all a … More Appall


I want to be famous Pics in the Metro everyday kind of famous Being a dick to the waiter kind of famous Glad of the exposure any time they blame us For stirring controversy on purpose seeming aimless Commercials for insurance starring me and be shameless My face stuck on bottles of Fabreeze and they … More Famous


Happy National Poetry Day Shmusic Smack that snare on the down beat Nice and neat just before we reach bar 16 Keep the cymbal splashy but not too flashy Make sure that bass drum’s firm but mean Stick to my time and all will be fine The flow will be sick Each rhyme of each … More Shmusic

Catch Up

Body scrambles catching up with the ghost Guest of mind, inhospitable host Sprint resisted walking through gel By no means heaven yet far from hell A spell uncast a past unkind Unwanted separation, left behind Divinity never felt less divine Mind over matter evaporated time Lacerated synapse Exacerbated woe The mental fractured The physical whole … More Catch Up

Red Man

Started life as nothing more than a paper cut Left untouched not much, would heal shut But that’s not the fashion of a fidgeting mind On the self, restraint won’t help, not this time It’s scratched and picked at Nibbled and licked at The finest slash grows wider fast A shallow nip soon turns to … More Red Man